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The second "Brain Korea 21" project implemented by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the Vocational Education and Workforce Development Team is consists of five faculties. The team will have one post-doctoral researcher, and 32 graduate students (15 masters and 17 doctorates) at the Department of Agricultural and Vocational Education of Seoul National University.

The team has been focusing on cultivating workforce development professionals in schools, public organizations, and private corporations. The projects currently in progress are 'Strengthening in Education and Research' such as renovation in graduate curriculum, supports to graduate students in employment and academic activities, and increasement of the research results of participating faculties and graduate students; 'College System Specialization' such as investment on human resources and physical resources in college, system reforms, and so forth.

Major tasks conducted by the team are graduate students scholarships, raising researcher supports, international cooperation in vocational education and workforce development, and so forth. The team has conducted vigorous cooperative research worth over 10 million KRW in research funds, excluding funds from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, and Seoul National University.