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The educational objective of the “Global and Regional Economic Analysts” is to enhance the ability to perform regional analysis at world-class level, and foster the growth of global economic experts. It is composed of three professors from Regional Information, a BK research professor, and 10 graduate (MA and phD) students . These graduate students will contribute to the resolution of regional as well as global problems through understanding of regional analytical techniques and through multi-disciplinary approach including regional development, regional planning, regional science, regional modeling, regional development policy analysis, and agricultural communication systems.

The subjects of focus for the next seven years are as follows: 1) the development of a regional economic activity index of Northeast Asia and the analysis of their interrelation, 2) the analysis of determinants on foreign direct investment (FDI) of China and the inter-Korean transportation integration effect, 3) an epistemological education of spatial change, 4) the multi-valuation of rural area by measurement of social benefits, 5) the analysis of social cost for migration between urban and rural areas, 6) the research on inequality of interregional information gap. The major educational works include offering financial support to graduate students, providing opportunities to experience overseas training and internship, opening regional analysis summer academy, holding a series of seminars with distinguished overseas scholars in the field of regional analysis, creating new graduate courses in English, global standardization of thesis examinations on publishing a series of working papers in Korean and English, and finally managing a group of international paper reviewers.