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The University Plant Clinic (UPC) of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in Seoul National University was established as ‘Tree Hospital’ in 1999, which was aimed at education and researches on conservation/management of plants and for technical consultation. In 2005, the ‘Tree Hospital’ was expanded and reorganized as ‘University Plant Clinic’ which is consisted of Fundamental Diagnosis Section, Clinical Pathology Section, Plant Pests Section, Tree Management Section, Environmental Physiology Section, and Administration Section.

The main tasks are as following: 1) diagnosis of damages on useful plant caused by plant diseases, insect pests and physiological disturbances, 2) field visitation and postal services, 3) consultation on management of plant health by using internet homepage, 4) services of recent theories on management of ornamental trees, 5) management of program, ‘Training Course of Landscape Tree Maintenance’ which is held twice a year, 6) R & D (Researches and Development) on managements of plant health and publication of professional books. The UPC is contributed to the public reputation of Seoul National University by providing various services on the consultation and diagnosis of the management of plant health to local communities.