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The Insect Museum of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) in Seoul National University was founded in 1930's by Suwon Agriculture and Forest College, the predecessor of CALS. From 1930's through today, number of specimens in the museum amounts to 330,000 including major insect pests and many other arthropods in Korea. Much faunistic research on scarabaeid beetles in 1960's, the major pest group of Lepidopterans, Hemipterans, Coleopterans and thrips in 1970's, and pollinating bees in 1990's are available for examination in the museum's large archives.y

The Insect museum also has various data and literature regarding the insect faunistic and geological research of Korean peninsula. The specimens are used for identification services and many research activities related to the prediction of pest outbreak, the investigation of beneficial insect species like endogenous natural enemies, and pollinating bees. We are able to evaluate the destroyed ecosystem or the restored ecosystem and measure the contamination level of environment by using collection data and specimens. They are also used for the plant quarantine service to protect the biodiversity of Korean peninsula.

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