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The Information Center for Agriculture and Life Sciences (iCALS) provides services for the College of Agricultural and Life Science (CALS) in two ways. One is to support education and research activities in the CALS through the computerization services and the other is to promote communication and cooperation among the researchers by serving as knowledge infrastructure in the areas of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

The iCALS is composed of three operational units; the Education and Research Support Team (ERST) for the administrative support, the Information Development Team (IDT) for the planning and development of information database related to education and research, and the Information Management Team (IMT) for the information system management.

The primary task of the ERST is to serve the CALS faculties and students administratively as well as computationally in association with education, research, and training. The ERST cooperates with the University Computer Center (UCC) to facilitate campus networking, runs a computer laboratory for lectures and information navigation, and manages the home pages of the CALS and its associated institutes. The services of the Wibro portable wireless internet and U-space internet cafe are also part of the ERST work.

The IDT focused on the design and development of information infrastructure in order not only to promote education and research in the fields of agriculture and life sciences but also to improve the efficiency of information exchange and communication among the researchers. In Feb. 2009, the IDT launched a new project analyzing R&D and technology trends in the areas of agriculture, fishery, and food, with the support of the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Fishery, and Forestry. Through this project, the IDT aims to establish a specialized and systematic framework for the analyses of R&D policy and technology trends.

The IMT tasks is to collect information relevant to education and research in agriculture and life sciences. The collected information will be processed systematically, incorporated into a database, and serviced online. Continuous update and expansion of the database is also the task of the IMT.

Online services at the URL of offered by the iCALS include the R&D trends, audio-visual information (VOD), generic database, news and announcements, and so forth. The iCALS contracted mutual understandings on information exchange with prestigious domestic and international universities, science societies, and research institutes and actively utilizes information providers (IPs) from a broad range of expertises for the construction of a reliable and specialized information infrastructure. It also intend to promote vigorous communication among the iCALS members by offering e-mailing services of monthly webzine and twice-a-week newsletter, which include special article, focus issue, introduction to a research laboratory, other many update information.