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The Farm Shop was established to provide practical agricultural machinery maintenance and manufacturing technologies for farm instruction. Farm Shop has an independent building in the University Farm and one large room at the central hall of the CALS building. It consists of metalwork lab, wood-work lab, and machinery shed. The Farm Shop at central hall provides its facilities for lecture and practice on farm shop as well as for the development of various experimental apparatus for research. The Farm Shop at University Farm displays various agricultural machines for education, and provide its machinery to the University Farm and the University Animal Farm.

Main facilities for metalworking include: arc welding, lathe, milling machine, universal cutter, and CNC. Facilities for woodworking include: band saw, circular saw, wood lathe, and wood plane. Additional facilities and tools include: various agricultural machineries such as tractors, combines, rice transplanters, and many others. Farm shop is open to all users for education, research, and social service.