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The Experimental Animal Farm was established to mainly support teaching and studies in the field of animal biotechnology, promoting experimental practice and research using animal in Seoul National University. A farm area is approximately 16 hectares which includes classroom building, forage crop field and animal barns. The Experimental Farm is also equipped with various facilities of animals such as separated house for Hanwoo (Korean native cattle), dairy cow, swine, hygienic poultry cage supplies as well as a dairy and meat processing plant, and an animal excreta treatment unit. Currently, many of animals raised on the Experimental Farm include Hanwoo, dairy cow, swine, poultry, quail, pheasant, sheep, goat, rabbit, mouse and hamster etc. Forage crop and meadow production studies are also conducted in the Experimental Farm. In addition, studies of animal excreta treatment to resolve environmental problem are being progressed. Consequently, Experimental Farm of Seoul National University is prepared for researches and education for next generation in the field of animal science and biotechnology.