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T.B.Lee Herbarium
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The Arboretum founded in 1967 by Professor T. B. Lee at College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University is the oldest university arboretum and one of the lading center for the study of vascular plants in Korea. The Arboretum holds two gardens, Gwanak and Suwon Arboretum and the T.B. Lee Herbarium. Our mission is to collect and study about vascular plants that grow naturally in Korea and the Northern Hemisphere, to research and accumulate the knowledge for them and to provide the information for scientific research and public education. Also we focus on the propagation, conservation, and presentation of the living collections.

Research : The Arboretum promotes research by our faculty members and students to increase our knowledge of the botany and evolutionary history of plants in eastern Asia. General interest is in taxonomy and nomenclature of plants in Korea; at the same time, we are collecting plant germplasm of rare and endangered plants.

Education : The Arboretum offers basic educational material for students and conducts leading research on taxonomy and identification of trees and shrubs throughout eastern Asia.

Garden and Herbarium : Gwanak Arboretum (1,501 ha) is located at the southern suburbs of Seoul City extending from the border of the university's main campus to the Anyang valley of Mt. Gwanak. It is surrounded by oak-maple natural forest at 37°25'N latitude, 126°59'E longitude (atl. 90-200 m).

Gwanak Arboretum has collections of more than 1,700 taxa. Suwon Arboretum is located in Suwon at 37°15'N latitude, 128°59'E longitude (atl. 44 m), and has collections of 500 species of trees, shrubs and other plant from around the northern temperate hemisphere. Annual mean temperature and precipitation of both areas are around 11° and 1,190 mm. Major garden features include the Amur flora garden (eastern Korean flora), evergreen and warm temperate flora (Korea-Japan flora), North Chinese flora (western Korean flora), and fern collections.

The T.B. Lee Herbarium at Gwanak campus has about 100,00 specimens collected from China, Japan and Nepal as well as south Korea. The Arboretum is devoted to covering the literature of taxonomy regarding all eastern Asian flora.