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Allaying the concerns of all CALS members: the CALS student counseling center, “Nong:Dam”

  • CALS Office
  • July 5, 2016
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 Last April saw the opening of the new CALS student counseling center, Nong:Dam. In response  to the recent increase in demand for psychological counseling, a student counseling center has been created within the college, to allow CALS students to receive counseling more conveniently. Nong:Dam aims to help CALS students overcome the difficulties of college life and grow into emotionally and psychologically healthy members of society. Nong:Dam can be used by anyone at CALS, including undergraduates, graduates, and staff members. It provides individual and group counseling, various psychological tests, and special lectures.


 The student response has been positive. Park, Hye-Yeon, one of the counselors at Nong:Dam, tells us that there have been continual requests for counseling since the center opened. Reservations are already full for approximately one week in advance. After receiving counseling, students have given the center positive feedback, saying, “It’s good to have a place nearby where you can talk comfortably”; “I’m glad the counseling center has opened within the department, because it makes it easy to get counseling quickly”; and “I was grateful for the opportunity to understand myself better through the different psychological tests.”


Student Reporter Na, Hye-Ji, Shin, Hye-Seon

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