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Encouraging students to dream of becoming global researchers: the Creative Research Program

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  • July 5, 2016
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<An experiment to construct and analyze bridge structures>


 The CALS Creative Research Program enables undergraduate students to develop an interest in research and feel a sense of achievement. The students are given the opportunity to lead an experiment themselves.


 After deciding on a research topic with his or her advisor, the student draws up a plan, conducts the experiments, and produces results. Students are free to choose any topic related to the Agricultural and Life sciences, with the total research period lasting 15 weeks. After completing their applications, students go through a documents assessment, followed by a presentation. If they are selected after this, they receive a grant to fund their research. Students can also be selected for an outstanding research award; successful students are invited to present their research results to professors on the Student Planning Board, and are awarded a certificate and a prize in the name of the Dean.


 In order to find out more about the Creative Research Program, CALS reporters interviewed Kim, So-Yoon (Department of Landscape Architecture and Rural System Engineering), who participated in the program with a study entitled, “The effect of differences in satellite resolution on NDVI patterns.”



<An experiment to analyze topology using drone-based imaging>


1. What was your motivation for applying to the Creative Research Program, and how did you prepare for it?

In my second semester as a senior, I decided that I wanted to continue my studies at graduate school, and I thought it would be good to try conducting a research project in a laboratory by myself. At that time, I discovered that the Creative Research Program at CALS provided students with research funding, and I decided on a topic, together with some Master’s degree students and my advisor.


2. What difficulties did you experience during your research, and how did you feel after it was completed?

During the research, although I obviously had help from the graduate students and professor, I had to take the lead in every aspect of the study, including planning and data collection. The research grant was a large amount of money, and I had to decide how to manage it efficiently. These responsibilities were difficult, but to be able to take responsibility for a whole project by myself was a very meaningful experience.


3. What would you like to say to younger students who are preparing for the Creative Research Program?

The program experience, which includes receiving a grant, establishing a research plan, and managing research funding by yourself, is a fantastic opportunity to indirectly experience adult life before you graduate.


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