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1. Objective and Purpose
Life and environmental sciences are important research areas which provide the necessary core technology and information for enhancing the quality of human life. Recently, since issues such as animal cloning, biotechnological crop productions, avian flu, bovine spongiform encephalopathy, etc got in the center of attention globally, its influence is expanding to life sciences sector as well. Moreover, interest in assessment and research of environmental quality which affects global sustainable development and human life is increasing gradually. In this term, the young who have responsibility for protecting the Earth in the future will get opportunity to take part in scientific experiences held by National Instrumentation Center for Environmental Management (NICEM). Not only various experiments from the middle/high school curriculums, but also several life sciences related ones such as gene manipulation experiments, and environmental quality controls (air, soil, and water) analysis experiments shall be conducted. Through this precious experience, it will be possible for our youth to learn about the importance of biotechnology and environmental sciences, and raise the interest and curiosity in science.

2. Participants
Middle school (Second graders) - High school (All graders)

3. Details
1) Applying: Online (internet), email, or fax only
* Applicants shall receive acceptance letter through email.
2) Limitation: 20-50 students per each class
3) Payment: Make the payment deposit within 2 weeks after the acceptance.
4) Fee: One day W40,000, two days W70,000, three days W100,000
5) Contact: 82-2-880-4948