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1. Venue: SNU CALS Gwanak Campus and Arboretum

2. Objective: In order to make Korea as one of the top countries in biotechnology sector, our college is giving numerous opportunities to the young to enhance their potentialities through live lectures and real experiments.

3. Purpose: Improving social aspects and interests for biotechnological importance and fostering future generations for constructing our nation as one of the top countries in biotechnology

4. Content
1) Organizing program with useful yet entertaining elements such as world-class level special lectures, experiments, and practices
2) Managing and operating program as free education by shouldering all participants’ costs
3) Maintaining wide range of diversity in electing participants
4) For long-term and continuous development of the camp, our college and ‘Seoul Newspapers’ signed MOU on 2007 July. Based on this, we get the applications from prospective participants through announcement section of ‘Seoul Newspapers’ and our committee selects the finalists.

5. Should you have any questions or concerns, contact us at 82-2-880-4911