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[Notice] 2012 Australian Government Scholarship for PhD Course Election

  • CALS Office
  • August 30, 2011
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[2012 Australian Government Scholarship for PhD Course Election]

1. Scholarship Term: Maximum 4 years of PhD course

2. Scholarship Contents
1) 4 years of PhD course: Total amount A$228,500
2) Details: Travel Expense: A$4,500, Settlement Expense: A$4,000, Living Expense (each month) A$2,500, Tuition (per term) MAX A$125,000
* ONLY for student, not for one’s family.

3. Eligibility
1) Master’s Degree
2) GPA over 3.5/4.5
3) English Proficiency Test Score
4) Korean by nationality
5) No experience obtaining Australian student visa or receiving Australian Government Scholarship within two years

4. Due Date: 2011. Sep. 15th (Thurs), 4 P.M.

5. Procedure: Send email to with all necessary documents
(Before submitting the documents, please send same email to

6. Contact Person: Ms. Becky Hong ☎880-4538
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