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[Notice] Visiting Immigration Service at SNU

  • CALS Office
  • August 29, 2011
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[Visiting Immigration Service at SNU]

○ When : Sep. 6(Tue), 2011, 13:00 ~ 18:00
* First come, first serve basis

○ Where : Office of International Affairs (Bldg. 152, 1st Fl.)

○ Eligible visa type : D-2(Study), D-4(Language Training)
*Only application for Change of Visa into D-2 is available for the D-4 visa holders.

○ Available Services :
*Fingerprinting, Foreigner registration, Visa extension, Change of visa statues, Re-entry permission, Permission regarding activity beyond visa status, Report the changes of information on foreign registration.

○ Notes :

1. Applicants must prepare required documents related to their request at the
time of visit. (Go to or contact 1345 (no area
code) for information concerning immigration matters)

2. Service fee must be paid via government revenue stamp, not in cash. Please
purchase appropriate amount of revenue stamps in advance at the Post Office
(Bldg. 60) for the service fee you will request. Revenue stamps are not
available at the Office of International Affairs.
* Service fee for foreigner registration can be purchased with cash.

*Fingerprinting Obligation for Long-term Foreign Residents

Foreign nationals entering Korea from July 1st, 2011 (planning to stay for 91 consecutive days or more) as well as previously registered foreigners must register fingerprints under a revised immigration control law.
-Newly registering foreigners over age of 17
-Previously registered foreigners residing in Korea
►Applied Period:
-Newly registering foreigners: From July 1, 2011 (When they apply for foreigner registration)
-Previously registered foreigners: After Jan. 1, 2012 (When they visit the immigration office for
their visa related application)
*Registered international students can register their fingerprint only on the day.

▢ Foreigner Registration
○ Eligibility : Foreigners intending to stay in Korea for more than 90 days
after entry
○ Required Documents
1. Passport and 1 copy of passport
2. Application Form(Download at ),
3. 1 Color Photo taken within 6 months(Size 3.5*4.5 with white background
4. Certificate of Enrollment or Certificate of Admission
5. Receipt of Tuition Fee Payment
6. Service Fee : 10,000KRW(Purchase can be made with cash)

▢ Report of Changes of Information on Foreigner registration Card
○ Eligibility : Those who need to change information on foreigner registration
card.(Name, Nationality and School.. Etc.) (Change information must be reported
within 14 days from the date when the change made)

○ Required Documents
1. Passport, Foreigner Registration Card
2. Application Form(Download at ),
3. In case of reporting change of school
•Certificate of Enrollment of the new school
•Certificate of Studentship of the previous University(제적증명서)
(For Chinese Students Certificate of Studentship including rate of
attendance is required)
•Transcript(성적증명서) from the previous University

▢ Reporting of Change of Place of Stay
○ When a registered foreigner changes his/her place of stay, the person should report it to the jurisdictional Immigration Office within 14 days of the foreigner's change in residence.

○ Required Documents
1. Passport and Foreigner Registration Card
2. Application Form(Download at ),

▢ Extension of Stay

○ Required Documents
1. Passport, Foreigner Registration
2. Certificate of Enrollment(재학증명서)
3. Transcript(성적증명서)
4. Receipt of tuition fee payment or Certificate of Scholarship
5. A Copy of Bank Book(Required minimum 300,0000KRW saving amount) or proof of financial capacity during their stay period in Korea.
6. Application Form(Downaload at ),
7. Fee: 30,000KRW(Government Revenue Stamp)

○ Eligibility
- Students who have to unavoidably stay in Korea for an extended
period due to failure of pass of thesis review within the designated stay period
*Permission is given six months each time.

○ Required Documents
1. Passport, Foreigner Registration Card
2. Application Form(Download at ),
3. A professor’s recommendation showing details of thesis teaching
process, future review schedule, and the reason for recommendation
*Certificate of Completion (Applicable for Chinese Students)
4. Fees: 30,000KRW(Government Revenue Stamp)

※ Additional documents may be added depending on individual circumstances. Please contact immigration office 1345(no area code) for more inquiries regarding the required documents.
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