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As one of the premier biomaterials science programs in the nation, Seoul National University program in biomaterials engineering provides a superior interdisciplinary research and education environment that prepares graduates to be the leaders of integrating materials science and biology who develop environmental-friendly polymer materials and bio-inspired materials. Through its faculty and graduates, SNU Biomaterials fulfills its vision of being a driving force in creating basic science knowledge and new technology.

SNU biomaterials faculty members collaborate to pursue interdisciplinary research and development projects, and to provide a core curriculum of enviro-, nano-, and biomaterials based on principle courses in organic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, applied analysis, mechanics, and bioengineering. The SNU biomaterials program focuses research activity on the development of systematic functional biomaterials useful in human society based on the technology derived from fusing life science and materials engineering.

The SNU biomaterials program proudly offers a unique aspect of the integration of research and education. The undergraduates shall have opportunities for independent research projects, and the graduate students are able to hold the chance to meet early immersion in research. The graduates from the department build their careers in various of professional areas, including private industry, research or educational institutions, patent law, and the government.


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- Protein and Polysaccharide Polymers for Biomaterials and Biotechnology
- New Applications and Chemical Modification of Natural Polymers
- Polymeric Membrane Preparation
- Preparation of Carbon Membrane Precusor for the Separation of CO2¸
- Nanoparticle-immobilized Composite Polymeric Membranes
- Post-treatment Systems for High Concentration Waste-Water
- Fabrication and Application of Electrospun Nanofibers
- Development of Biomedical Polymers for Tissue Engineering
- Regenerated and Fabrication of Natural Polymers
- Synthesis and Bioactive Materials
- Biodegradable Plastics
- High-Performance Biocomposite Materials
- Environment-friendly Water-absorbents and Oil-absorbents
- Wound Dressings Using Drug Delivery Systems (DDS)
- Functional Smart Materials
- New Generation Biochips and Their Applications
- Nanoscale Analysis of Biomolecules
- Gene and Drug Delivery Systems Based on Smart Polymers
- Polymeric Imaging Agents and Nano-probes for Diagnostics
- Biocompatible Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine