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The applied life chemistry program (previously the agricultural chemistry program) covers both biotechnology and environmental sciences, which exist on the forefront of scientific research in the 21st century. Life chemistry is an advanced applied science, emphasizing the fundamental scientific principles and theories for the production and regulation of living organisms and their biochemical processes.

The applied life chemistry program can be divided into two disciplines: applied biochemistry and environmental chemistry. Applied biochemistry focuses on biochemistry, molecular biology, plant genomics and nutrition, natural product chemistry, microbial biotechnology, and structural biology. Environmental chemistry focuses on soil chemistry and physics, ecological chemistry, pesticide chemistry and toxicology, and fertilizer science. The applied life chemistry program provides a broad spectrum of education to understand biological phenomena and processes, and ecological environments both as a foundation for agricultural production and as habitats of living organisms. The education provided in this program can be further applied to industries in agriculture and other closely related areas.


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- Microbial Biotechnology
- Biochemistry
- Protein Engineering
- Natural Products Chemistry
- Molecular Biology
- Pesticide Chemistry and Toxicology
- Plant Genomics and Nutrition
- Soil Science
- Structural Biology