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The Division of Educational Affairs, within the Office of Academic Affairs, located in the Administration Building(Bldg. 60, 1st floor), is responsible for keeping track of students’ academic records and issuing related certificates. Any needs regarding your academic records, including verification, changes, certificates, et cetera, are to be directed to the Division of Educational Affairs. The Division most frequently handles affairs regarding issuance of academic certificates and transcripts.
SNU offers a variety of certificates, each suited to a different purpose. The list below will help you find what you need.

Types of Certificates Description
Certificate of Graduation Certifies graduation from undergraduate programs
Diploma Certificate Certifies master’s or doctoral degrees earned
Certificate of ompletion Certifies completion of a certain academic program
Certificate of Scheduled Graduation Certifies that a student is currently in the final semester of his/her undergraduate program, and will complete it
Certificate of Scheduled Degree Acquisition Certifies that a student has nearly completed a master’s or doctoral program, and that his/her degree thesis is under review
Certificate of Scheduled Completion Certifies that a student is currently registered in the final semester of his/her master’s or doctoral program
Certificate of Studentship Certifies that a student is currently registered at SNU
Certificate of Enrollment Certifies past enrollment history. Students currently taking a leave of absence, or not registered for other reasons, are issued this certificate as proof of studentship at SNU
Official Transcript Certifies a student’s official academic grades.
- Minimum of one semester required for issuance
- Honors and order of standing are included upon request
Certificate of Open Lecture ompletion Certifies completion of Open Lectures
At the time of graduation, SNU grants honors to students who have achieved high levels of academic success. Honor awards can be printed on your official transcript or other certificates upon request. Awards will be indicated on certificates as, ”(S)he was graduated with honors. (Summa cum laude)” If the applicant happens to have a record of disciplinary action or eviction from SNU, honors will not be granted. The list of honors is as listed below.

- For students of Classes of 1972-1993, three honors options are available.
  Students with a GPA of 3.9 or above are awarded “Summa cum laude.
  Students with a GPA of 3.6 or above are awarded “Magna cum laude.
  Students with a GPA of 3.4 or above are awarded “Cum laude.

- For students graduating after 1994, two honors options are available.
  Students with a GPA of 3.9 or above are awarded “Summa cum laude.
  Students with a GPA of 3.6 or above are awarded “Cum laude.

Certificate requests must be submitted to the Division of Educational Affairs.
Certificates are available in both Korean and English. There are several ways to contact the Division of Educational Affairs to request a certificate: visiting in person, via e-mail or postal mail, or through automated issuance machines situated around the campus. Currently, SNU does not offer online request services, so requests from outside of Korea must be submitted via e-mail or post. The issuance process, including shipping, takes up to three business days after receipt of payment. For international requests, it usually takes seven business days by EMS or TNT.

In order for your request to be efficiently processed, you must submit the following:
Required information:

- The applicant’s name, foreign registration number (if applicable), student ID number, and major or department must be stated.
- The applicant’s return mail address, telephone number, and e-mail address should be provided, so that it is possible tomake immediate contact to confirm the request.
- Applicants must indicate the types of certificates and number of copies required. Also remember to indicate the language of issuance.

Optional Information:
The following information is needed if the applicant chooses to request inclusion of any additional details on the certificates.
- When requesting academic transcripts, the applicant can choose to have graduating honors and order of standing specified. - If the receiving organization or school requires a specific name for the certified documents other than the name SNU uses, applicants may request that the document title be changed.
- Certificates may be sealed upon applicant’s request.

There are three ways of submitting a request when you need to have a certificate issued.
The methods are:
Visiting the Office in Person

Applicants may directly visit the Division of Educational Affairs in the Administration Building (Bldg. 60) to submit a request for certificates. If applicants are not able to visit the office, requests may be submitted by someone else, but the agent must carry a letter of attorney (no specific format required, but must include applicant’s hand-written signature) and a copy of the applicant’s photo ID. Business hours are Monday through Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00, except holidays.

Using Automated Issuance Machines
Automatic issuance services are available for students of SNU who entered after 1981. The automated machines are located all around the campus. They are usually available from 9:00 to 22:00, but operating hours may vary upon location. Both Korean and English versions of certificates are available, for 300 KRW and 600 KRW respectively. If you need to have certificates sealed, visit the Division of Educational Affairs with the issued certificates. The machines are located at the College of Humanities (Bldg. 6, 1st floor), College of Engineering (Bldg. 39, 1st floor; Bldg. 301, 2nd floor), College of Business Administration (Bldg. 58, 1st floor), Doore Cultural Center (Bldg. 67, 2nd floor), Kwanaksa (Bldg. 900, 1st floor), and the Administration Building (Bldg. 60, 1st floor).

Submitting a Request via E-mail or Post
If applicants reside outside of Korea or find it inconvenient to visit the University in person, he/she may submit a request for certificates via e-mail or post. Although requests can be sent by e-mail, the certificates themselves will be sent to the applicant via postal mail only. Applicants should e-mail the office at or send a request by mail, including the required information as listed above. For verification purposes, a request acceptance notification e-mail will be sent to you within 48 hours. The e-mail will also state the appropriate amount of payment, depending on shipping and handling costs.
- E-mail
- Mail to: The Division of Educational Affairs, Office of Academic Affairs, 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Korea 151-742

Payment methods (for those who are abroad)
- Processing fees (certificate fee + return mail fee) must be paid by wire transfer to the designated bank account using direct deposit, telebanking, or Internet banking.
- Payments should be made in the applicant’s name and for the exact amount.
- Account number: Korea Post Office, 012542-01-002477.
- Swift code: SHBKKRSEKPO
- All payments should be made to ‘서울대학교 학사과’(Division of Educational Affairs, Seoul National University)

Shipping methods
- EMS or TNT services are available for international shipping, which takes about 7 business days.
- For domestic delivery, registered mail will be used, which takes about 3 business days.
- Remember to notify the Office of Academic Affairs in advance if you wish to have the documents sealed.

If you are requesting documentation from the University as part of an application process for a foreign institution, you may submit requests in the same way as any other certificate, as described above.
Visiting the Division of Educational Affairs and e-mail requests are both acceptable. Upon request, the documents will be sealed within the Office for information privacy.
If you need to have other certificates (issued by the Division of Educational Affairs) attached to your application documents, the Office will attach the required documents for you, seal them, and send the joint documentation as needed.
SNU will send the documents directly to the institution of your choice, if desired, or the applicant may pick them up at the Office in person, during office hours. If you wish to have the University send the documents directly, you must provide the exact mailing address, name, and contact information of the receiving institution, along with the other required information. Applicants may request these services by e-mail or fax. (+82-2-879-2933 or +82-2-874-8965).

If you have any questions regarding certificates or other academic documentation,
contact the Division of Educational Affairs at +82-2-880-5031~6 or send e-mail to