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Experiencing the beauty of sharing Development funds from Yoon, Dae-Seop, President of Sungbo Chemical

  • CALS Office
  • July 5, 2016
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<Key people of CALS planting tree in honor of the donation of scholarship funds. On the leftmost side of the picture is Yoon, Dae-Seop, President of Sungbo Chemical>

 As part of his scholarship project to develop his alma mater, Yoon, Dae-Seop (Agricultural  Engineering ‘49), President of Sungbo Chemical, was discovered to have donated approximately 20 billion KRW (16.8 million USD) to CALS so far.

 Yoon received a scholarship to study at the college in the 1950s, when the whole country was going through difficult times. In 1990, he established the Agricultural Engineering Scholarship Foundation at the Department of Agricultural Engineering, with the aim of repaying society for the help he received as a scholarship student. He hoped that his successors would advance Agricultural Science in South Korea. Yoon has also made great contributions to the development of Korean education and culture: on the educational front, he established the Sungbo Educational Foundation, which runs the Sungbo Middle School and Sungbo High School, as well as the Sungbo Scholarship Foundation. On the cultural front, he is the Acting Director of the Sungbo Cultural Foundation, which manages the Horim Museum.

 For all his magnificent contributions to the development of society and his alma mater, Yoon has strongly opposed efforts to thank him publicly for his generosity. His benevolence gives us an opportunity to appreciate the true meaning of giving.

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