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Seoul National University Pyeongchang Campus, ceremony to inaugurate the new Farm Animal Clinical Training and Research Center and the Sangrok Student Residence… These will contribute to fostering professional veterinarians and to the international exchange of agricultural technology

  • CALS Office
  • July 5, 2016
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On the 27th of August, 2015, the ceremony to inaugurate the Farm Animal Clinical Training and Research Center and to open the Sangrok Student Residence was held on the Seoul National University (SNU) Pyeongchang Campus.


 The SNU Pyeongchang Campus was completed in 2014, in order to create a hub to represent the Bio sector in Northeast Asia. The aim was to build a foundation for future-oriented education and research, maximize growth potential through cooperation between colleges, local government, and business, and contribute to local development. The Pyeongchang Campus site area is 2,652,786m2, and its facilities cover 88,458m2, including such diverse facilities as the Graduate School of International Agricultural Technology, the Institutes of GreenBio Science Technology, the University Animal Farm, and the SNU R&DB Foundation.


 The Farm Animal Clinical Training and Research Center (FACTRC) contains educational facilities and programs linked with the University Animal Farm and the main veterinary hospital. In addition, resources such as a 3D peritoneal endoscope and a vehicle for house calls provide a foundation for clinical training with farm animals. It is hoped that the center will one day be responsible for the clinical training of veterinary/animal husbandry students and veterinarians from around the country, playing a central role in fostering world-class farm animal veterinarians.


 The Sangrok Student Residence has been completed; it currently has the capacity to house 87 people. Once the second stage of construction is finished this September, it will be able to house up to 159 residents. The opening of the Sangrok Student Residence will make it possible to attract outstanding civil servants and students from developing countries to the SNU Graduate School of International Agricultural Technology, which was established to encourage the growth of a professional workforce with diverse, convergent knowledge and technology in the International Agriculture sector. This development should contribute considerably to the advancement of global agriculture, allowing Korea to introduce advanced agricultural technology to global society.

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