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Dean’s Message (About the new publication of CALS newsletter in English)

  • CALS Office
  • July 4, 2016
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 Greetings to my esteemed fellow researchers in the agricultural and life sciences, and to everyone working in related industries.


 This marks the 110th year since the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) was founded, during which time we have driven forward the agricultural and forest industries, and made a great contribution to South Korea’s development as a dynamic, advanced country. Through tireless innovation, CALS has continued to be a leader today, not only in the traditional agricultural sciences, but also in interdisciplinary collaborations between the life sciences and the social sciences.


 The agricultural and life sciences deal with biological and environmental phenomena, energy, and resources—even encompassing issues related to the allocation of energy. It is therefore a very important field, and crucial for the survival of the human race.


 The importance of this work grows every day, thanks to educational research institutes in the agricultural and life sciences, such as our own CALS. Given our college’s global mission, perhaps we should have been quicker to publish an international newsletter. Going forwards, we aim to use this electronic publication as a way of sharing our most important activities and latest research with readers all over the world.


 We hope that you will enjoy watching CALS develop into one of the world’s top colleges. I sincerely wish for happiness for all of you.


 Dean of CALS, Jyung, Chyul-Young

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