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- Crop Science and Biotechnology
Position Name Major Tel E-mail
Professor Lee, Byon-Woo Crop Science & Agrometeorology 4544
Professor Koh, Hee-Jong Plant Breeding & Genetics 4541
Professor Lee, Suk-Ha Soybean Molecular Breeding & Physiology 4545
Professor Paek, Nam-Chon Crop Molecular Genetics 4543
Professor Seo, Hak-Soo Molecular Biochemistry 4548
Professor Yang, Tae-Jin Industrial Crops & Genomics 4547
Professor Kim, Do-Soon Crop Physiology & Weed Science 4542
Associate Professor Kim, Kwang Soo Crop Ecology & Environment 4546
- Horticultural Science
Position Name Major Tel E-mail
Professor Kim, Ki Sun Floriculture & Landscape Plants 4561
Professor Lee, Hee Jae Pomology 4566
Professor Son, Jung Eek Protected Horticulture & Environmental Control 4564
Professor Choi, Doil Molecular Genetics 4568
Professor Chun, Changhoo Vegetable Science 4567
Professor Kang, Byoungcheorl Molecular Breeding and Genetics 4563
Associate Professor Huh, Jin Hoe Plant Developmental Genetics 4562
Associate Professor Lee, Eun Jin Post Harvest Biology and Technology 4565
Assistant Professor Cecile Segonzac Horticultural Crop Molecular Physiology 2229
- Vocational Education and Workforce Development
Position Name Major Tel E-mail
Professor Jyung, Chyul-Young Career Guidance and Career Development in VEWD 4832
Professor Na, Seung-Il Teaching/Training Methods and Administration in VEWD 4833
Professor Kim, Jin-Mo Curriculum and Program Development in VEWD 4834
Associate Professor Lee, Chan eHRD System and Performance Management in VEWD 4838
Associate Professor Jeong, Jin-chul Evaluation and Organizational Development in VEWD 4831
Assistant Professor Choi, Su-Jung Global Workforce Development and Vocational Competency Development 4776
* VEWD : Vocational Education and Workforce Development

- Forest Environmental Science
Position Name Major Tel E-mail
Professor Chang, Chin-Sung Plant Taxonomy and Dendrology 4758
Professor Chung, Joo-Sang Forest Management, Forest Measurement 4755
Professor Kim, Seong-il Parks and Recreation Management 4756
Professor Lee, Woo-Shin Wildlife Ecology and Management 4757
Professor Youn, Yeo-Chang Ecological Economics / Forest Policy and Culture 4754
Professor Im, Sangjun Forest Engineering, Forest Hydrology, Watershed Management, Ecological Engineering 4759
Professor Park, Pil-Sun Forest Ecology and Forest Soil Science 4771
Associate Professor Kang, Kyu Suk Forest Genetics and Breeding 4753
Associate Professor Park, Il Kwon Forest Protection 4751
Assistant Professor Kim, Hyun-Seok Tree Physiology 4752
- Environmental Materials Science
Position Name Major Tel E-mail
Professor Kim, Hyun-Joong Adhesion, Bio-Composites, Coatings 4784
Professor Lee, Hak-Lae Paper Science, Coating and converting 4786
Professor Choi, In-Gyu Wood Chemistry 4785
Professor Yeo, Hwan-Myeong Wood Physics and Drying 4781
Professor Youn, Hye Jung Paper Physics and Papermaking Technology 4787

Department of Food and Animal Biotechnology
- Food Science and Biotechnology
Position Name Major Tel E-mail
Professor Choi, Sang-Ho Molecular Microbiology and Toxicology 4857
Professor Moon, Tae-Wha Food Chemistry 4854
Professor Ryu, Sang-Ryeol Molecular Food Microbiology 4856
Professor Seo, Jin-Ho Biomolecular Engineering 4855
Professor Chang, Pahn-Shick Enzyme Technology 4852
Professor Kang, Dong-Hyun Food Safety 2697
Professor Ha, Nam-Chul Food Biochemistry 4853
Associate Professor Choi, Young-Jin Food Engineering 4851
Associate Professor Lee, Ki Won Natural Products Functional Genomics 4661
- Animal Science and Biotechnology
Position Name Major Tel E-mail
Professor Choi, Yun-Jaie Animal Cell Biotechnology 4807
Professor Han, Jae Yong Animal Genetic Engineering 4810
Professor Choi, Hong-Lim Animal Environment & BioEngineering 4808
Professor Lim, Jeong Mook Embryology & Stem Cell Biology 4806
Professor Kim, Yoo Yong Animal nutrition and biochemistry 4801
Professor Lee, Chang-Kyu Animal Reproduction & Transgenesis 4805
Professor Kim, Heebal Bioinformatics & Population Genetics 4803
Professor Yun, Cheol-Heui Immunology and Vaccine Develoopment 4802
Professor Baik, Myunggi Ruminant Nutrition and Physiology 4809
Professor Jo, Cheorun Animal Origin Food Science 4804

Department of Applied Biology and Chemistry
- Applied Life Chemistry
Position Name Major Tel E-mail
Professor Choi, Yang-Do Molecular Biology 4941
Professor Kim, Jeong-Han Pesticide Chemistry & Toxicology 4644
Professor Kim, Min-Kyun Plant Genomics & Nutrition 4641
Professor Kim, Soo-Un Natural Products Chemistry 4642
Professor Oh, Ki-Bong Biotechnology 4646
Professor Rhee, Sang-Kee X-ray Crystallography 4647
Associate Professor Ro, Hee-Myong Environmental Soil Science 4645
Associate Professor Shin, Chanseok Biochemistry 4643
Associate Professor Bae, Euiyoung Biophysical Chemistry 4648
- Applied Biology - Plant Microbiology
Position Name Major Tel E-mail
Professor Hwang, Ingyu Plant Bacteriology 4676
Professor Ka, Jong Ok Environmental Microbiology 4673
Professor Kim, Kook-Hyung Plant Virology 4677
Professor Kim, Young Ho Clinical Plant Pathology & Nematology 4675
Professor Lee, Yong-Hwan Plant Fungal Pathology 4674
Professor Park, Eun Woo Plant Disease Epidemiology 4672
Assistant Professor Son, Hokyoung Physiological Plant Pathology 4671
- Applied Biology - Entomology
Position Name Major Tel E-mail
Professor Ahn, Young-Joon Insect Toxicology 4702 yjahn@snu.ackr
Professor Lee, Joon-Ho Insect Ecology 4705
Professor Lee, Sihyeock Insect molecular biology 4704
Professor Je, Yeon Ho Insect Microbiology & Biotechnology 4706
Professor Lee, Seunghwan Insect Systematics 4703
Associate Professor Lee, Kwang Pum Insect Physiology 4701
Program in Biomodulation
Position Name Major Tel E-mail
Professor Ahn, Young-Joon Bioactive Natural Product 4702 yjahn@snu.ackr
Professor Song, Yong Sang Gynecologic Oncology 2887
Professor Han, Jae Yong Animal Molecular Genetics 4810
Professor Lim, Jeong Mook Stem Cell & Bioevaluation 4806
Professor Cheol Heui Yun Immunology and Vaccine Devepment 4802
Associate Professor Ki Won Li Food-Medicine Genomics 4661
Associate Professor Jeong-Yong Suh Biophysics and Nanobiology 4879
Adjunct Professor Asgi T. Fazleabas Reproductive Biology -
Adjunct Professor Jason K. Kim Type 2 diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism, Heart Disease -
Adjunct Professor Kyung Sang Lee Biochemistry and cell biology -
Adjunct Professor Jae Wook Jeong Genetics & Oncology -

- Landscape Architecture
Position Name Major Tel E-mail
Professor Kim, Sung-Kyun Landscape Design & Theory, Cultural Landscape 4872
Professor Lee, Dong-Kun Landscape Ecology & GIS 4875
Professor Pae, Jeong-Hann Integrated Design & Landscape Aesthetics 4877
Professor Jeong, Wook-Ju Landscape Design 4873
Associate Professor Ryu, Young-Ryel Environmental Ecology 4871
Assistant Professor Yoon, Hee-Yeun Landscape Planning 4876
Assistant Professor Kang, Jun-Suk Landscape Construction and Engineering 2227
- Rural Systems Engineering
Position Name Major Tel E-mail
Professor Kim, Joon Complex Systems Science 4663
Professor Kim, Song-Bae Environmental Biocolloid Engineering 4587
Professor Lee, In-Bok Aero-Environmental Engineering 4586
Professor Choi, Jin-Yong Rural Water & Information Engineering 4583
Professor Kang, Moon-Seong Rural Water Resources Systems Engineering 4582
Associate Professor Son, Young-Hwan Rural Geo-environmental Engineering 4585
Assistant Professor Song, In-Hong Rural Environment Conservation Engineering 4581
Assistant Professor Choi, Won Agricultural Structure & Systems Engineering 4715

- Biosystems Engineering
Position Name Major Tel E-mail
Professor Cho, Seong-In Biosensors and Electronics 4606
Professor Chung, Jong-Hoon Biomechanics 4601
Professor Kim, Yong-Ro Bioprocessing Systems 4607
Associate Professor Rhee, Joong-Yong Bioenvironment Systems Engineering 4605
Associate Professor Kim Hak-Jin Biosystems Control and Automation 4604
Assistant Professor Park, Young-Jun Off-Road Equipment Design & Soil-Machine System 4602
- Biomaterials Engineering
Position Name Major Tel E-mail
Professor Park, Jongshin Polymer Materials Engineering 4623
Professor Park, Young Hwan Fibers and Polymer Science and Engineering 4622
Professor Hyun, Jinho Nanomaterials Engineering 4624
Professor Lee, Ki Hoon Protein-Based Materials 4625
Associate Professor Kim, Tae-il Biomedical Polymer Science and Engineering 4636
Assistant Professor Ki, Chang-suk Hydrogel-Based Biomaterials 4621

- Agricultural Economics
Position Name Major Tel E-mail
Professor Kim, Hanho Applied Trade Analysis, Economic Development and Agriculture 4726
Professor Kim, Wanbae Agricultural marketing 4723
Professor Kwon, Oh Sang Natural Resource & Environmental Economics 4728
Professor Lee, Taeho Quantitative Analysis of Agricultural Policy 4725
Professor Roh, Jaesun Futures Market 4724
Professor Jung, Jin Hwa Human Resources Development, Technological Innovation 4739
Professor An, Donghwan Regional Economics 4729
Professor Im, Jeong-Bin Agricultural Policy and Trade 4721
Professor Kim, Kwansoo Agribusiness 4727
- Regional Information
Position Name Major Tel E-mail
Professor Choe, Young-Chan Agri-food MIS & e-Business 4742
Professor Kim, Euijune Spatial Economics & Regional Science 4743
Professor Lee, Seong-Woo Regional Development & Planning 4744
Professor Hong Sok(Brian) Kim Sustainable Development & Applied Economics 4717
Associate Professor Moon Junghoon Information Management in Agriculture and Food Business