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2000. Mar. Consolidation of the Schools of Agricultural Chemistry, Food Science and Technology, Animal Science and Technology, and Applied Biology into the Graduate School of Agricultural Biotechnology
  Oct. The Department of Agricultural and Rural Adult Education was renamed the Department of Agricultural and Vocational Education
2001. Feb. Establishment of the Business Incubator
  Sep. Establishment of the Research Institute for Agriculture and Life Sciences (Abolition of the Institute of Agricultural Science and Development, the Institute of Forestry and Forest Products, the Institute of Animal Science and Technology, and the Institute of North Korean and Foreign Agriculture; the Research Center received all of the abolished rights and liabilities of the Research Institutes)
2003. Sep. Moved the Suwon Campus to the Main Campus at Seoul National University
2004. Mar.

Relocation of the NICEM (National Instrumentation Center for Environmental Management)

Integration of the Department of Forest Resources,
the School of Biological Resources, and Materials Engineering (Dept. of Forest Products) into the Department of Forest Resources and Forest Products

  Dec. Construction of Public Welfare Facility
2005. Feb. Agriculture and Life Sciences Library was relocated into the Public Welfare Facility
  Mar. Reorganization of the academic system;

Renamed 7 Departments and 15 Programs
2006. Mar. The Program in Crop Science was renamed the Program in Crop Science Biotechnology
2007. Mar. The Program in Community Development was renamed the Program in Regional Information
  Nov. The Korean name of NICEM was renamed; Structural change of the organization (5 Divisions, 13 Laboratories, 6 Special Project Centers)
2008. Aug. Establishment of the Plant Genomics and Breeding Institute
2009. Sep. Foundation of the Major of Biomodulation
  Nov. Construction of the 'SPC Science Research Building'
2010. Nov. Establishment of the ARC (Agricultural Research Center)

- Center for Food Safety and Toxicology
- Vegetable Breeding Research Center